St Mary Bradoc and St Winnow bell ringing at schools project

Our aim is to take bell ringing to our five local primary schools to encourage the years 5 and 6 to learn how to ring hand chimes, hand bells, mini rings of bells and tower bells and so involve them, their parents and school in the mission of the church and grow our congregations.


We will start with hand chimes, showing how church bell music and hand bell music is interpreted and played using DVDs and music scores, linking history and local churches.


The children will practice and progress each method of ringing each week so that they can see how the music has developed over the last 400 years, in the three local styles of tower bell ringing and of tune ringing with hand bells.


They will be able to perform in assemblies and school and church events as the year goes on.


We anticipate that some of the parents will then see the fun, friendship fitness and fellowship that builds up from Bell Ringing and they will want to learn and take part in church life.


With the mini ring (should our bid for funding be successful) they will learn how to ring full circle bells at the school in the hall. They will then be able to ring as described in the accompanying application, for school and local church events, weddings, including local wedding fairs, and at public events across the county using the mini ring. The mini ring offers the opportunity to gain competence more quickly than with tower bells.  This is helpful in the learning process with young people as they are continually gaining confidence and a feeling of self-esteem with their success.


We will also offer the children the opportunity to learn on the tower bells at Bradoc using its unique teaching aids so that they become competent on them and any other tower bells. With their parent’s permission and in their attendance we will also offer the children the opportunity to learn on the tower bells at Bradoc on a Saturday.


St Winnow PCC and the Deanery Synod funded the £799 for the hand chimes for this project, and volunteers run the project from Bradoc and St Winnow churches with our first Pilot at Lerryn School starting on 27th February 2015. The mini ring builds on this project.

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